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he social network is the eighth wonder of the professional and business  development world. Such platform can be successfully used to promote a personal brand and extend the company's team, sales, etc. Therefore, LinkedIn (LI) is an excellent tool in capable hands. Most important is to utilize it correctly. The key to the success of any business or networking task using this social network is knowing the terms.

You have probably seen weird labels like 1st, 2nd, or 3rd next to the name of your contacts more than once. Many people think they are unclear and confusing, and if a person doesn't study the question themselves, they may not know what they mean. However, in a matter of success, pros and business people must understand the meaning of tags. In today's article, I will answer one of the FAQs of many users, «What does 1st mean on LinkedIn and what other labels are important to know?». I hope this helped you achieve your goals and communicate more effectively online.

The answer to the often-asked question on what does 1st mean on LinkedIn

It should be said that the designations 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the LI website indicate the connections degrees. There are two types of distinction between contacts in this social network:

  • connections - those people with whom you are connected and with whom you can communicate directly. Each contact has a different degree of «closeness» to your account to make it easier for you to identify and categorize them among one another;
  • followers - those people who follow your work and posts on LinkedIn. You are not typically subscribed to followers.

1st-degree contacts are usually those individuals you know well. This label refers to LI accounts that are in your Network. More often than not, these are either the users who have added you to their contact network or those you have previously added. It is precisely what does 1st mean on LinkedIn.

Below is what 1st's labeling looks like on

What does 1st mean on LinkedIn?
What does 1st mean on LinkedIn?

What benefits do you get from knowing what does 1st mean on LinkedIn?

  1. You can without effort send messages, links to articles, relevant content, or news to individuals you have a first-degree connection with. Users of this social network are more willing to be in touch with those they interact with directly, and the closer you are to the first-degree circle, the higher the chance of more warm communication.
  2. As a rule, folks with whom you have common interests, a similar sphere of activity, or many shared contacts are added to the network. If you are part of the 1st circle, you can interact more effectively with second-degree connections. Let's say you're interested in a person from your network on LI; then, you can send them a request or a private message. When users see the label 2nd next to the person's name, they are also more likely to make contact with you.

Necessary: Some LinkedIn users only permit access to texting to persons in the 1st degree circle.

As you can see, despite the convoluted system used by the professional social network, it is easy enough to understand the labels. I hope I succeeded in explaining what does 1st mean on LinkedIn and uncovering the advantages of contacts degree for the pros.

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November 24, 2022

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