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ome people call Airtable a cloud service; others consider it a database service for all occasions. However, those keen on networking and proper nurturing of their contacts use this application to manage connections. That's why one often hears Airtable personal CRM among admirers of proper relationship building.

This new article will explain with you why some people like to use this application as a personal CRM. Today, we will look at this service's main pros and cons and find out if Airtable personal CRM has a worthy alternative. So you can use the most modern and the most effective tools for networking.

Philosophy behind Airtable as CRM

A unique feature of this SaaS is the possibility of creating different kinds of templates. When you use the website, you are given your workspace called the base. Then, depending on your personal needs, you can transform the base into the form that best helps you manage your contacts and relationships with people.

In the relevant section, users can already find a template to use the so-called Airtable personal CRM on the official website. The key feature of this template is that it includes a minimum set of columns and labels. With its help, beginners can seamlessly divide their network of contacts into groups and subgroups.

Since in the first stages of using the template, users do not need to study in-depth the Airtable terms and functionality, many are happy with this. Later, members can expand the basic set of tools, increase the amount of storage, and modify the template to suit their specific needs.

Airtable personal CRM: advantages and disadvantages of the application

Despite templates and good functionality, you can't call CRM Airtable a full-fledged space for business contact management. Here is why. 

The Airtable personal CRM template looks incomplete and requires careful reworking for many things. Unlike a really good app, you have to enter a person's birthdays, contacts, and other information manually here. 

When you have hundreds of business contacts in your phone book, it's easy to forget some important details and some conversations. After every meeting, call, or messaging, you will have to fill in the necessary things yourself.

Moreover, you have to transfer information about scheduled events and meetings with the person independently of the template. That's tedious and more time-consuming than many people can spend these days.

Can a smartsheet be a CRM? No. Even if you use formulas and incredible care to build every parameter to suit you, you still won't create the necessary automatization of actions. You'll have an advanced notebook, but it won't have essential hints and reminders.

Advantages and disadvantages of this solution

Carefully weigh the pros and cons, so you don't waste time customizing the template. For a more balanced decision, compare the points below.

Pros of Airtable personal CRM for networkers:

  • Cost-effective. Airtable has a free plan that makes it easy to use this service. Some features will not be available to users, and the size of the information uploaded to the base will be limited.
  • Simplicity. This application has a clear and not overly sophisticated interface, which you can get to grips with on your own.
  • Flexibility. You can connect personal as well as work or business contacts here. In the Airtable personal CRM template, it's enough to divide people's contact information into subcategories.
  • Customization. You can tailor the interface according to your needs and add what is relevant to you to the base. However, this is not enough to create an ideal space capable of approaching a CRM.

Cons of Airtable personal CRM for networkers:

Exhausting. You have to enter many data into a spreadsheet yourself, merge it with the information in your calendar, and make additions to your existing contacts. It is more time-consuming than you can afford.

  • Freedom. In case of using the Airtable personal CRM template, the lack of a framework can be frustrating. You need to find your own formula for successfully nurturing relationships with customers and business partners.
  • Inconvenience. A customized personal CRM is much more convenient than a template. Even the one that you set up yourself and for your own needs.
  • Irrelevance. The lack of features such as synchronizing contact data from different channels, setting reminders, or sending multiple messages makes your networking experience weaker. Without all of these, it's harder for you to interact with other people, so you may not achieve many of your business goals.

Airtable has quite a few advantages. However, are they enough to replace a personal CRM? It will most likely not be enough to be free of any discomfort and become a master of networking. For the best results in organizing contacts and interacting with people, it is worth choosing the more proper tools for these goals. The Airtable personal CRM, despite some valuable advantages, will not be able to solve 100% of your contact organization issues.

Do you want to nurture your contacts properly and communicate with people in line with the basic rules of networking? Then the Nection personal CRM for business relationships will help you do it just right. Become an awe-inspiring networker in your circle and treat your business contacts in such a way that you will never be forgotten. Download Nection to get the most secure and up-to-date tool for connecting with people.

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November 24, 2022

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