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successful professional future can be a profitable investment without actually investing. What is needed for this, and how is it possible to make an investment in the future without spending a penny? It's simple: you require your attention to detail and the ability to connect with others. In this Q&A blog post, I'll answer one of professional networkers' most frequently asked questions: What does 3rd mean on LinkedIn? Also, I'll share how you can use your third-degree connections for career advancement.

Gurus in using have a small trick related specifically to tags on this social network. Savvy networkers take opportunities provided by this site to build new connections and expand their professional social circle. Earlier, you may have seen my article «What does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean?». I shared how you can use specific labels to make new acquaintances in it. However, that's not the only tag you could use as an icebreaker or a conversation starter.

The short answer to what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn

I guess you may have often seen the so-called 3rd icon on your Homepage. It's most typically spotted in the Feed next to the names of some LinkedIn (LI) members. It is also quite common on the Profile Views page. Many people have probably noticed such a label next to the names of some of their profile visitors.

But what does the icon signify?

Usually, this tag is next to the names of those related to your second-degree contacts. Simply put, these are so-called friends of friends, only in the context of your LI network. Now you're on to what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn.

For a heads-up on what this icon means, I suggest you look at the FAQ section below. There I briefly explained the meaning of this tag.

Here's exactly how the 3rd icon looks on the Profile Views page:

What does 3rd mean on LinkedIn? The picture
What does 3rd mean on LinkedIn? The picture

Now, you shouldn't have any difficulties with this question. And you can easily use the LI social network's opportunities for your career.

How can you use profile tags for professional networking?

After I explained what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn, I'll share a few tips on using this info in networking. The basic idea is that people buy from people and people collaborate with people. Most likely, they cooperate with someone they know. Alternatively, those whom their acquaintances do know. It's the principle on which successful sales and professional interaction are based in all parts of the world.

Here's what you can do if you see a third-degree icon near a LI member's name:

  1. Look more closely at the person's profile and if you have a lot in common, write the first message. You can use one of the networking scripts I shared earlier in one of our articles for the Nection blog. Or say you know someone in that individual's network. It's an excellent icebreaker for the first message.
  2. Become a regular subscriber and follow the professional's career progression. That way, you can find out the latest news in different industries by researching the person's Feed or changing positions in the company.

In the future, you can get a closer professional relationship with the individual and use it for networking. The best way to do so is to use a personal CRM. Such a tool will allow you to manage contacts properly, keep them in one place, and keep regular reminders about important events in a person's life. So knowing what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn sometimes has a lot more benefits than it seems.

By the way, if you want to interact with people on LI even more closely, download Nection. With this personal CRM, you'll be able to better engage with those with whom you've made professional friendships on LinkedIn. With Nection's functionality, you can set up reminders, view your contact's interaction history, and much more.


What is the meaning of 1st and 2nd on LinkedIn?

These labels on are used to tag folks who are directly or indirectly related to your network. In the 1st case, the First tag is given to people who have added you to their network of professional contacts or who you've added to the connections list. In the 2nd case, the LI website gives the Second tag to those individuals who are among your first-degree contacts. It's simple enough. However, new members are often misled by such labels.

What does 3+ mean on LinkedIn?

Well, there is no such tag on the LI website. The authors use the same familiar third-degree connections label in some videos and tutorials. If someone tells you that they want to know about 3+ contacts, they probably mean 3rd-degree connections. 

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November 24, 2022

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