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L or for short LI is available in 24 languages, has 33 offices and 16,000 employees. It is not surprising that so many people use this professional social network. However, despite all the achievements and many active users, some people find the website a bit difficult to understand. For example, newcomers often wonder «What does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean?», and other nuances related to the topic. If such questions arise, then it is a clear signal that the site's terms are not sufficiently obvious.

Here, I'll answer the most frequently asked question LI users ask. Also, I'll share some helpful information regarding other «markings» on the site. For example, the «Found you via «My network» tag. Why do you need this? Therefore, you can track which parts of your acc is found from, and better interact with other LI members. The knowledge on how to receive and process info properly is key to networking.

And yet… What does this tag mean?

Doesn't matter if you're a new social media user or a seasoned one; some features may remain a mystery to you. Contrary to what the big companies assume, not all tabs, features, and options on a website or app are 100% straightforward. If it were that simple, no one would ever wonder, «What does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean?».

Basically, you may see a similar text in the signature of some accounts that have viewed your page.

How to do so?

Action 1. Here you should go to the LI profile, after that under the title «Your Dashboard», look for the tag «Who viewed your profile». It's located just underneath the first numbers on your Dashboard.

Action 2. When you press on the «Who viewed your profile» link, you definitely will see a list of everyone who has shown interest in your account. Here you'll see different signatures for other people's accounts. One of them will be «Found you via LinkedIn profile».

What does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean
How does the required tag look like

What does it mean by the name of professional social network users? It sounds puzzling, but in fact, it's the name of the accounts that came to your page from their profiles.

How does this happen?

The LinkedIn website has special widgets that show users other accounts. The location of the widgets is not fixed. Depending on what device the member is using, the position of the widget changes. 

If someone uses a desktop device to access, then the widget is on the right. Chances are, when you log in to the Homepage or the main page of your profile, you've seen the recommended accounts. Typically, the list of pages is based on your interests, subscriptions, and other activities on that social network.

When using a mobile device, the recommendation widgets will be at the bottom of the screen. It has to do with both the mobile version of the site and the mobile app. These are probably the main things you should learn about what does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean.

Now I know what «Found you via LinkedIn profile» means. What's next?

You can disable the option for others to view your acc in such a way at any time. To complete this, change the profile's privacy settings.

Brief step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the «Me» tab in the horizontal menu at the top and select «Settings & Privacy» from the drop-down list.
  2. Immediately after this action, you will see a list of sections on the left that you can configure. You need to select the first tab «Account preferences».
  3. After you have completed the following action, click on «Syncing options» => «People also viewed» => «Change» => Drag the slider next to the word «Yes».

Necessary: Changes are automatically saved, so you no longer need to ask what does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean. Someone I know didn't know about this feature of the site and searched in vain for a save button for several minutes.

What else is helpful to know when using

Once we've identified what does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean, it's time to explore the other terms. Besides this one, you may also see other tags under other users' accounts. Below, I will briefly explain what each of them means.

  • Found you via My network – Such a label appears when an individual has seen your account through the Connections page. You may have previously subscribed to each other, and at some point, the person wanted to look up some info about you;
Found you via My network tag
Found you via My network tag
  • Found you via LinkedIn company pages – When you suddenly notice accounts with similar labels in the list, you may have been viewed by your company's competitors or recruiters. When an individual monitors your company on the LI website, they can easily find your web page and then goes to it.
Found you via LinkedIn company pages
Found you via LinkedIn company pages

Now you are prepared and can sort out the most common marks on I hope my short and quick explanation of what does «Found you via LinkedIn profile» mean has helped you. A bit later, you can use such knowledge to promote your personal brand, grow your career, or network better with other professionals. And to better manage your network of contacts, download Nection. This personal CRM will help you properly organize the process of tracking the history of interactions with your connections, as well as help you build an algorithm of reminders and messages for tight contact with people.


How can I use my account views' information for networking?

Info about who's viewed the account can help you make acquaintances faster. For example, if you see a new viewer browsing history, it can be a great conversation starter. When individuals have already viewed your page, they are more likely to respond to messages or post comments. It's a great chance to widen your network and find new friends. You can also use a personal CRM to organize your contacts, set reminders, etc.

Will proper networking at really help me in my career?

More likely yes than no. Every year, this professional social network sends its users 12 months' worth of reports. The last one shows that someone gets hired every 15 seconds.

What other tags can I see on my account views page?

In addition to tags listed above, people may also notice the «Found you via Homepage» title. When they by chance or on purpose find it on the acc page, it shows that the LI member went to the account from their news feed. There are no secrets to this tag.

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November 24, 2022

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