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veryone, who wishes to build a successful career, has to know little tricks. The most popular of them is the creation of your individual logo, namely a business card. Furthermore, applying social networks also allows for finding reliable potential employers. In my experience, is one such website, which is credible. Thereby, if you can combine these opportunities, you will have all available chances to your goal achieves. The only remaining question lies in how to put LinkedIn on business card. Below, I will tell you about it.

Way #1. Modernize your profile

Before you know how to put LinkedIn on business card, you have to ensure about the reliability of your profile info. To prove yourself as a diligent work applicant, provide that your profile maximum reveals you as an individual interested in searching for a job. Also, your data has to make a good impression on the future boss, business partners and colleagues. LinkedIn offers to edit your profile by adding extra beneficial info as much as possible.

Way #2. The QR code generation

The inhabitants of the modern world don't imagine being without data storage devices. Moreover, we live in times of a worldwide spread pandemic, and everyone thinks about one's safety and precaution measures. The best way to avoid transferring personal info from hand to hand is to invent your cipher. Every good has its model and barcode, which can give you valuable information. 

The awesome idea is based on that you can put it wherever you wish, either on social networks or on customized cards. The immediate question is how to put LinkedIn on business card through the QR code?

Oddly enough, it is effortless to create such code, which would be linked to your website even without leaving home. Various free platforms can assist in the generation of personal QR codes. Thus, an ordinary business card can become an advanced tool for keeping personal data.

Way #3. Apply graphics editors

Many graphics editors can teach you how to put LinkedIn on business card. However, I can use only time-tested and checked-in-person applications. I apply an application Canva or its desktop version for such goals. Creating a business card is a laborious process, which includes many details, and I advise using the computer.

If you are among such old believers like me, who prefer to create a business card yourself, follow my recommendations: 

  1. Firstly, go to or launch its application to create a business card. You have to register on this website or log in using your Google account. 
  2. Secondly, hover over the Templates on the upper taskbar. After that, in the new pop-up window, find the column Business to move on to the feature Business cards. Click on it to continue the design development of your business card.
  3. Thirdly, going on to learn how to put LinkedIn on business card using Canva, you move on to the card's creation directly. Here, you can opt for the ready-made template or form your own.

Hints: For the creation of a unique business card, you can apply your customized data. To my mind, don't borrow the ready design of cards because it may impact your reputation for the worse. Besides, filling every empty space on your business card can lead to the viewing impossibility of personal data.

Way #4. Create the personal URL

Have you ever seen a full LinkedIn URL (universal resource locator) of any personal page? It is a long line where the capital and lowercase letters are combined with punctuation marks and other signs. In my experience, such an address is not appropriate for your presentation, if you wish to make a statement as an individual. But, a more serious issue lies in how to put LinkedIn on business card using a long URL. 

Below, I will share my knowledge concerning creating a personalized short URL address step-by-step:

  • open and log in (enter your login and password). After waiting for the download, click on your profile avatar on the left side below your name and educational data;
  • the website will forward you to the personal page. Here, you should find the pencil image to edit personal info to learn how to put LinkedIn on business card;
  • in the appeared dialogue box, seek the blue inscription Edit contact info. For it, scroll the list of the available options to the very bottom and tap it;
  • in the upper part of a new pop-up window, click on the profile URL to learn how to put LinkedIn on business card using a personal address. Pay attention; it is highlighted in blue entirely;
  • LinkedIn will redirect you to the page of public profile settings. Find at the right-upper edge your customized URL address. Then, you should search for the blue pencil symbol near it;
  • if you have done my previous directions right, you can alter the changeable part of your URL. Thereby, type in your unique signs as the final part of the address. Keep in mind to save a change by clicking on the corresponding button.

Useful: A new URL should comply with the following requirements. Firstly, it has to be something unique and only your own because in this way you become more identifiable. Secondly, you should enter from 5 to 30 characters, including numbers. Thirdly, one cannot use spaces, symbols, and specific characters.

Way #5. LinkedIn Button

It turns out that many of LinkedIn's features can help promote the page. Pay attention to one more way how to put LinkedIn on business card using a hidden button. 

You can find and apply it in the following way:

  • go to the LinkedIn website and log in by entering your data. Then, move on to your page by clicking on the profile avatar;
  • in the right upper corner (under the taskbar) find Edit public profile & URL feature. Tap it and the website will redirect you to the next necessary page;
  • now, scroll this page to the very bottom and seek the inscription Public profile badge with the white button below for its creation. Press it to know how to put LinkedIn on business card;
  • follow the action algorithm that is offered on an opened page. It is concerning copying and pasting your code and selecting the future badge's style and size. One should copy the code under the option you like;
  • as the last stage, move on to your website or blog to paste the code where you wish to apply it. Ensure that you are in the text editor because the code will display instead of the LinkedIn button. Probably you have already done a similar procedure by using the button combination Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Remember to save and check it.

If you don't wish to spread your URL, this way is good at hiding personal info. Thus, now you know how to put LinkedIn on business card not demonstrate your address unnecessarily. 

I want to note that some personal CRMs also have a feature of putting the LinkedIn logo on a business card. It is a crucial moment in the creation of your brand. All these ways are effective to the present day and have been checked personally by me. I assume the answer to how to put LinkedIn on business card is helpful for you. Keeping with my recommendations, you will achieve these aims.

And if you don't want to use any of these methods. Then download Nection to keep your business relationships looking their best. With this personal CRM, you can store contacts from different channels in a single place without losing valuable information about the person. Everything you need is on your smartphone now!

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November 24, 2022
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