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owadays, millions of iPhone users suffer from the same problem, which connects with the contacts' disappearance from their smartphones. Because a multitude of phones numbers can't be kept in memory, iPhone developers have begun to look for ways to troubleshoot. I also had difficulties with it and had found reasons and their solutions concerning why is my iPhone not saving contacts. Below, I describe all I know in detail.

Reason 1. The software rebooting

In my case, it was a temporary iPhone hiccup that hindered me from saving the contacts. I found the simplest solution to solving this issue. The difficulty with saving contacts may be connected to the small bug in the iPhone's software. 

The most elementary decision is to reboot your device in the following way:

  • initially, unlock your iPhone's screen and look for the icon «Settings». Click on it to know further actions;
  • now, scroll the available features list to the option «General» settings and choose them to continue;
  • down the list to the very bottom, find the blue inscription «Shut Down» and press it;
  • as the last stage, you should move the slider from left to right to power off. 
Lifehack: The owners of iPhones can restart their smartphones in another way, the so-called «Hard Reset».  In my case, it has turned one more solution to the problem, why is my iPhone not saving contacts. Those who have devices from 6 and older should hold «Home» and «Power» simultaneously. Keep the button «Power» pressed and wait a moment to reboot for iPhone 7 and 7Plus. Devices have another acting algorithm from the 8 series to the newest 13. You should retain «Volume Down» and «Power».

Reason 2. Synchronization and iCloud

Another equally crucial reason why is my iPhone not saving contacts is the trouble with the work of the Apple iCloud server or its sync. If you keep phone numbers in iCloud, you can switch them on and off again to solve such a question. 

Look below to know the most reliable and effortless method:

  • find a section «Settings» on your iPhone's menu. After its opening, click on your Apple ID name;
  • now, look for the iCloud icon on your screen and click on it. The displayed list includes all available data of your device in the cloud. Among these features, search the item «Contacts»;
  • the next action is to turn your contacts off by moving the slider. In the pop-up window, choose «Keep on my phone». Wait several seconds, return the slider to an initial position, and in the appeared requirement click on «Merge».

Despite the simplicity of this solving, its problem continues to be urgent for iPhone owners. Moreover, you can check the synchronization of contacts with iCloud through the website For doing it, go to the link and log into your account.

Reason 3. New iOS updating

Remember, maybe you have updated your iPhone recently, and it causes the smartphone not to retain contacts. In such a case, you can use the method of iPhone rebooting and read it above. 

Similarly, try to save a necessary connection again traditionally:

  • open the contacts' application on your iPhone and press the plus icon in the right-upper corner;
  • after the first step, enter the contact name and add the telephone number by tapping the green plus just below. You also can fill other fields with additional data (address, birthday, etc.);
  • by inputting information, click on the inscription «Done» to complete the saving.

Unfortunately, this method does not always help find the answer to the question of why is my iPhone not saving contacts. But sometimes, the proper answer hides into the very issue. Probably you haven't noticed the presence of a new iOS version, which will fix the concern quickly. 

Thus, you should check your iPhone for updating, following this instruction:

  1. Refer to «Settings» and lower the page down to the general ones.
  2. The following action is to click on «Software update» and install it right now.
  3. If a few versions of updates are available, you should choose the more proper for your smartphone or the newest.
The valuable information: The iPhone does not update if the battery level is less than 80% or the device is not connected to the charger.

Reason 4. The specific application

In some instances, such glitches may be linked to applications, which connect with the list of phone numbers. Probably I haven't noticed how have made contacts available to the downloaded application, and it has been the cause why is my iPhone not saving contacts. It may include networks, messengers, etc. 

Below, you can see the check method of its repairing:

  • go to the gadget's settings and lower down their list to the feature «Screen Time». Press it to open a new dialogue box;
  • then, you need to select the item «Content & Privacy Restrictions». By clicking on it, move the slider to activate its features; 
  • the privacy list contains a clause «Contacts» with allowing marking. Pick this point to look through your applications. Thus, you see the programs' list, which was permitted to use your telephone numbers; 
  • if the function «Allow changes» was not working, one should tap it to fix the setup.

During downloading any application, be very attentive concerning its required data. Above all, your iPhone's safety and proper working depend on it. 

Reason 5. The risk of Jailbreak

It is the rarest reason for contacts loss, which includes getting full access to your telephone numbers. This operation isn't supported by Apple officially, and nowadays, it is unobtainable for modern devices with their updated system. In the case of such a bug, I would refer to the developers for advice, on what is it and why is my iPhone not saving contacts. The most effective way is to use the service of the Official Apple Support.

For this, you need to do: 

  • launch Safari and follow the link above;
  • in the left-upper corner, click on the icon with two white stripes. In the opened list of possible positions, choose the last item «Support»;
  • then, scroll this page to the very bottom and tap «Connect». If you see among suggested variants the point «Contact Us», you are on the right path; 
  • therefore, in the new appeared window, your following action is lowering the page down to inscriptions «Support by phone» and «Get support anywhere». Clicking on the first variant, you should select the needed telephone number of your country and contact using it. You need to download the Apple Support application to solve the problem in the second case.

As you have understood, I am also faced with the difficulty of why is my iPhone not saving contacts. I have experienced all the above firsthand. Therefore, my recommendation is to use a personal CRM. It will help you not only gather all your necessary data together but save contacts in a single safe place. 

For such reasons, you can download Nection because all your contacts will be in one safe place. Moreover, you will not waste your time searching for your recent interactions, you can even know what is the weather in your contact's place, and don't forget about your connections' birthday days. The most significant thing is all the above information is contained in a single application. I hope all my hints will be helpful for everyone.

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November 24, 2022

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