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he young tree shoots bend under the pressure of the wind without support. That's why experienced gardeners strengthen the seedlings with special supports. Here's roughly how networking works. You first plant a sapling in the soil (you create a contact), then you stabilize it with a solid structure (regular nurturing of your connections), and then you get the fruit (you create a tight network). The key element in this chain is the right CRM for networking. Using such a strong construct, you can make awe-inspiring connections with people.

Why is it essential to have a personal CRM for networking in 2022?

In 2017, the LinkedIn team shared a report that proper networking helps up to 80% of professionals build successful careers. Before the 2020s, the main component of prosperity was personal meetings and regular contact with network members at events. However, it isn't easy to meet in groups of 5-10 people, visit all acquaintances, and personally interact with clients in the new reality.

First, this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the health concerns of others. Secondly, with the development of social media and mobile internet, offline communication has become preferable. In the current environment, you can meet 1-2 people a day in person, especially if there are no strict limitations in your area. Moreover, with a CRM for networking, you can contact an infinite number of people. 

That's the reason why instead of the how-to tips on how to communicate online and offline, it's much more helpful for you to learn about the 5 best CRM systems that allow you to connect with people. This top compiles the currently best tools suitable for warm, professional networking.

Top 5 CRM for networking with the best rating

The list below contains the best systems for connecting with people you can use in 2022. Each personal CRM for networking has several pluses and minuses, and it will be easier for you to make a choice based on them.


What makes DEX unique on the market is that it is one of the youngest solutions on the market? The application has only been around for a few years and is showing success with users. Many people like the pleasant user interface, the availability of CRM for networking for several platforms, and the detailed onboarding. 

Even inexperienced computer and smartphone users can quickly grip with DEX functionality. Once you download the software to your computer or mobile, you are guided gradually through the process. The application can be downloaded on devices running the operating systems Windows and macOS, as well as smartphones based on Android and iOS.

Some people think that networking is all about profit or self-interest. But in reality, interaction with your connections is a story about respect for human beings and their treatment.

This CRM for networking has the ability to install a Chrome extension, and it is easier to interact with the software from your laptop. Many users like this feature the most. However, it takes longer to sync data than you expect. The more contacts you have, the slower it takes to synchronize.


  • Extension for Google Chrome browser
  • Has an intuitive interface and clear onboarding
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Free plan


  • Works on Android with bugs
  • Long process of synchronizing contacts on the PC


UpHabit cannot be called a full-fledged CRM for networking; it is more of a manager for organizing your professional network. The primary mission of the authors of this application is to help you with professional networking. The creators have done everything in their power to make this app help you become Super Connectors. With this philosophy in mind, most of the app's features have been built.

You can use the software for personal purposes, integrate with other applications, and tag users. One of the latest innovations of this CRM for networking is the integration with SalesForce. It is a convenient solution for those who use both software for work.

In addition, the team of this app sends regular emails, gives their customers some valuable advice about keeping in touch, and asks about the user experience. If you're not one of those who like to explore apps on your own, you'll benefit from this. You can use the team's guidance to learn the features of UpHabit, rather than having to muddle through the options on your own.


  • Integration with SalesForce at a beta stage
  • User-friendly interface and information support provided by the team
  • Possibility to set reminders and write messages
  • Tagging for sorting contacts


  • Not yet implemented a feature for sending SMS
  • Some people may get tired of the app's mailings and reminders


This software is best suited for those who have difficulty managing contacts. The CRM for networking provides the necessary set of features to organize contacts and properly interact with people. 

One of the main features of this app is the reminder function. You can set the frequency of interaction with a particular connection in a couple of clicks. In this way, you can get in touch more often with the person with whom engagement is a priority. In doing so, you will also not be alienated from other members of your network.

Many persons find it difficult to form the habit of sending follow-up emails and nurturing their connections. The best CRM for networking should not cause you difficulty. Perfectly, its features are set up in a few clicks, and you shouldn't have to suffer.

Shortly after installing the Covve app, you will be offered to set up reminders with different people. The AI assistant analyzes your contacts from different channels, prompting you to set the frequency of interaction with each person. In the future, you will also have the option to add notes to your chronicle of interactions with contact and view the history of communications.


  • Nice and minimalistic design of the application
  • Storing full information about the contact 
  • Business card scanning option 
  • AI assistant that simplifies interaction with the app


  • There is no way to skip setting reminders. You have to put them to every single contact
  • Newcomers to this CRM for networking onboarding will not seem detailed enough
  • Some features are missing for free plan users


Cloze is not really a CRM for networking. It is more of an all-in-one solution that allows you to organize contacts on multiple channels at once. This software's special feature is that it integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, the app lets you manage your incoming messages, sort your accounts by importance, and set the frequency of your interactions with certain people.

Cloze was originally created to solve business problems. However, the application is now also used for personal networking. Moreover, AI helps you consolidate information about a particular contact into a single database. It keeps the data from getting lost, but all personal and confidential info is protected. 

This tool for interacting with people is available with free and paid subscriptions. However, you should keep in mind that Cloze has a trial period of only 2 weeks. There is no Freemium provided here.


  • Merges contacts from multiple channels
  • Uses AI to improve user interactions with the app
  • Updates person information based on data monitoring


  • A short trial period

Contacts +

This software is also among the best personal applications for contact management. It is important to note that Contacts + is not so much a CRM for networking as it is a cloud service similar to classic address books. 

The creators of this product refer to the solutions that will increase your productivity in interaction with people. For maximum user experience, Contacts + provides the ability to merge contacts from all your networks. Synchronization of information will not allow you to lose anyone from your network, maintaining a strong connection with the person.

Sometimes people underestimate small gestures of attention and the power of follow-ups. Yet quite often, the small things lead to successful personal and professional networking.

Of the extra app features, it is worth noting the ability to block spam. Annoying people or those who constantly send ads will no longer annoy you. At the same time, users can be relaxed about updating their information. An automatic data update of all contacts is provided here.


  • Blocking spam and suspicious emails
  • Business card scanning
  • Synchronization of information from different platforms
  • Removal of duplicates among merged contacts


  • This CRM for networking requires too many permissions. For some people, this is unacceptable.
  • There are not many unique features

I hope you found the best CRM for networking in 2022 on this list! Each application has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's best to choose a specific solution based on your needs.

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January 9, 2022
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