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eople are always fascinated by celebrities' lives, who, in turn, try to hide their private beings. An average person cannot break through the barrier of publicity, which makes them spy on prominent individuals. Nowadays, it's not difficult due to the modern technologies and their accessibility even to any child who has a smartphone and internet connection.

Probably you have already heard news concerning Elon Musk's jet tracking by a freshman. Nevertheless, such a type of surveillance on this personality is no wonder because everyone is interested in where does Elon Musk live and what he breathes. This question is haunted by something to do with him. 

Now let's figure out where the main bully and genius of innovative technologies lives.

The current residence of the Tesla CEO

Thus, it is obvious that Elon wishes to hide his private life from the press and just prying eyes. To date, the famous billionaire conceals his current place of residence. It can be explained by his fans' desire to become famous due to his personality, or even to earn by requiring money in exchange for personal info. Knowing where the star lives, it will be effortless. There are rumors that Elon Musk lives very modest, which is uncharacteristic for a person of his status. 

Interesting: Musk very often prefers to sleep in his own factories, in spite of lack of comfort.

Where does Elon Musk live? The recent news

According to Forbes, Elon Musk is the second-wealthiest person globally, whose capital totals about $151 billion. Oddly enough, you can't see him among other billionaires, and his life is not similar to their luxurious ones. Where does Elon Musk live now?

The latest facts show that the Tesla CEO owns only a single house in the Bay Area, San Francisco. According to Elon's words, he has sold out almost all his real estate (other than above) and has moved into a prefab mini house, which SpaceX rented out to him. This house is located in Boca Chica, Texas, and occupies an area of about only 37 m2. He said this prefabricated house can be sold for about $50 000. It looks like a tiny studio, where the only room is divided into a few areas by room dividers. 

In the meanwhile, the facts become known that the last house has been put up for sale. This former 19-hectare property is located in Hillsboro, California, halfway between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It is the last piece of his real estate, with an area of almost fifteen acres. This news is confused many people because nobody knows where does Elon Musk live currently. 

Off-topic: Elon Musk says that real estate is what pulls you down and ties you to the Earth. He wishes to realize his most global goal of colonizing Mars. According to his calculations, by 2050 about a million people will live on the red planet, which he wants to help with all his strength and resources.

Thereby, the doubts concerning Elon's current place of abode are not groundless. His family, the wife with the youngest son, lives in Austin, Texas. Where does Elon Musk live and does he live with his family?

The sold-out property of the billionaire

People wish to know about his past ownership no less than where does Elon Musk live now. Many are concerned about the question of the location and prices of his properties. In such a way, Musk's fans try to get close to his personal life.

The wealthiest engineer has declared that he is going to sell almost all his physical possessions on Twitter. The info concerning his sales you can look for below.

  1. Musk also has divested his real estate in LA at a value of $29 million in the last year. 
  2. Also, he sold a ranch-style home of 250 m2, which the billionaire had bought for $6.75 million. This apartment was gone to the market with the condition that the future householders had not to change or ruin anything. 
  3. The SpaceX founder sold off his four houses in Bel Air for a total of $61.89 million. When he was buying these residents between 2015 and 2019, he spent $55 million on them, approximately.

I'd like to say that it is logical to hide their location for a personality like Elon Musk. People of such a status wish to guard their own families and themselves against officious fans. I suspect, the info about where does Elon Musk live will be interesting while his person fascinates human. Thus, the situation with selling and concealing Musk's real estate doesn't sound so odd anymore.

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November 24, 2022

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