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Manage and grow all of your relationships in one central place with smart guidance powered by artificial intelligence.

Hi, I'm Nection, your Personal Assistant

Personalized Actions

I will give you practical advice on how to better manage your network so you always know what to do.

Updates & Enrichment

I will send you fresh updates about people if they have changed jobs or if I find any additional information you didn't already know.

Duplicate Detection

I will automatically detect duplicates, so you don't need to do it manually.

All your contacts are in one place

Sync Across Accounts

Connect multiple accounts and sources to finally create a single address book.

Automatic Map View

Plan your trips better with contacts on the map depending on their location or phone number.

Scan Business Card

Add new contacts in seconds by scanning business cards with your phone's camera.

Communicate from a single place


Send personalized messages to several people at once on specific holidays or special dates.

Communicate in 1 click

Communicate with all contacts in any channel or social and log the entire history.

“Nection is the best personal CRM!”

Even more usefull features!


Be prepared before your interaction. Get the last insight(weather, last tweets, news) that is affecting your contacts.

Notes on past interactions

Unified history of communication and note tracking.

Smart Reminders

Don't let your contacts forget you. Set weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or exact time reminders to stay in touch.

Don't forget birthdays anymore

Build deeper relations with the right message at the right time.


Simple but powerful grouping by your criteria for all your contacts.

Smart sorting

Always understand where you left on with advanced sorting.

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