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elationships are humanity's greatest treasure, one widely undervalued. The proper relations with people open many doors of opportunity for you and help you thrive in any business. That is why CRM (customer relationship management) systems have become a must-have for the 21st century. They make it easier for you to build the right relationship with others, whether you do it for business or networking. That's why today I want to discuss an increasingly popular topic related to CRM Twitter. 

What is CRM Twitter, and why have people become obsessed with it?

When you first start learning about CRMs, you may be confused. After all, there is no mention of any official customer relationship management system from the company Twitter. So why do so many people talk about it and are so eager to use it? 

Long story short. Twitter really hasn't released any CRM systems. It just has the ability to integrate the Twitter platform into any system of that type. It is exactly the kind of option the social network is trumpeting everywhere, both for business owners and ordinary users. Thus, some people just confuse CRM with the built-in features of Twitter and actually CRM Twitter.

OK. We've got that sorted out. Then why do companies and users appreciate this option so much?

  1. According to Buffer, nearly 85% of marketing professionals use Twitter as their primary channel for business promotion.
  2. In one of their tweets, Twitter Business shared insights showing brands' revenues are correlated to their cultural relevance. The correlation of these values is 73%.
  3. Hashtags, tags, and mentions allow companies to understand better what their customers are up to and use that data to promote products or services.
  4. The power of suitable social media postings helps create the proper aura around your personal or company brand. It helps nurture leads and converts them to the customer level.
  5. Through CRM Twitter, it's easier to keep in touch with loyal consumers or those interested in your product in the long run.

Each of these points combined helps in the firm's success and contributes to its revenue. For this reason, many CRM systems try to integrate Twitter features into their software. By doing so, they provide users with more options for analytics, engagement with audiences, and forecasting future development.

Opportunities provided by CRM Twitter

The benefits of Twitter implemented in CRM vary depending on the software and its goals. Some programs focus specifically on human engagement, while others provide more opportunities for auditing and research.

A rough list of features in Twitter's CRM:

  • help with competitor research;
  • identify the firm's target audience;
  • assist with account audits;
  • contribute to better optimization of content;
  • monitor your brand;
  • content research, and more.

These opportunities will allow you to build better interaction with customers, increasing the importance of the brand and its visibility through the social network. In addition, built-in CRM Twitter is an excellent tool for collecting and analyzing data.

What does a CRM magazine on Twitter do, and what is its purpose?

For the ultimate dive into the subject, now we need to discuss the capabilities of CRM on Twitter, the integration of the social network in CRMs, and the magazine of the same name. Yes, you read it right. 

Since 2009, Twitter has had a CRM magazine page covering information about products and services relevant to CRM marketplaces. The CRM Twitter magazine covers news related to products and services relevant to people who use CRMs. Because the Twitter account of the magazine is popular, many people confuse it directly with the CRM system.

Short conclusion: The presence of Twitter in the CRM and its features is an indisputable advantage for the business and its opportunities. However, for personal interaction and networking, Twitter CRM built into the system is not always convenient. 

For the P2P (peer to peer) type of interaction, increasing your network of contacts and maintaining communication with connections, it is better to choose something else. For example, a personal CRM was developed specifically for these purposes.


How do companies use Twitter for CRM?

Firms use Twitter for more than just collecting information about customers. With the help of this platform, companies try to complete users' online experience, encourage the purchase of goods/services and promote their personal brands. With the implemented Twitter functionality, companies help users share information faster, send messages from all-in-one solutions, view other people's tweets, etc. If CRMs work to improve a business, then CRMs help gather analytics to study competition, audience identification, audience preferences, etc.

How does Twitter improve CRM?

With the integration of CRM Twitter capabilities, companies can aggregate hashtags, recent tweets from customers, and other data. The information collected in this way would allow for better interaction with one's customers and help in analyzing and processing the data. Thanks to Twitter CRM, businesses can listen to their users, introducing the package of their services or goods that clients have been missing. Through the CRM-implemented social network, Twitter can also learn in real time the frequently asked questions from users and their problems and promptly solve them.

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November 24, 2022

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