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CRM system is an advantageous tool for expanding your business and networking horizons. Thanks to such a service, you can keep track of many clients, make timely email newsletters, add special notes to contacts, and enhance any data. In this article, I am sharing a rating of 5 best followup CRM systems that will aid you to interact with a huge number of people.

Followup CRM system #1 HubSpot

The American company HubSpot is a well-known developer and supplier of software. With its marketing and sales tools, folks can effectively customize their workflow or adapt the CRM system to the exact business or other needs. 

There is a choice of both free and paid versions of the product. Depending on requirements, it is up to you to decide which features are right for the job. If the free functions are enough, then there is no need to buy additional hubs. Such flexibility is what makes HubSpot software attractive to many users.

The main advantage of this solution is that records of all the contacts/clients are stored in one place. Moreover, you can instantly see people's reviews and contact information that persons have shared.

What other functions HubSpot system offers:

  • it corresponds from a shared email address;
  • this service makes meetings with people easier;
  • the software keeps track of where a lead came from, follows his or her interaction path with the website.

Even if you are not a company, but just a blogger, actively promoting services on social media or through other sources, this tool comes in handy. With its help, you can manage acquaintances who are not part of the circle of close friends, and you can successfully interact with them. Plus, the service has a very user-friendly interface.

Followup CRM system #2 Salesforce

Salesforce is another easy-to-use cloud software that you can try to achieve business goals and networking. One of the advantages of this system is that you have a 30-day trial period after registration. During this time, you can evaluate the possibilities that this service provides for setting up various processes.

For example, for networking aims, the most appropriate option would be to import contacts. On the other hand, if you want to communicate with regular or potential clients more personally, you can import their business contact information into an Excel sheet. Therefore, you can transfer data to a calendar or specific application that will remind you of birthdays, anniversaries of his/her work with you, or other important occasions.

If you don't have a limited budget, this would be an ideal solution for a follow-up routine. The company offers a fairly extensive selection of tools that you pay for individually. However, it is not necessary to buy all the features to interact comfortably with the system. For detailed pricing terms, have a look at the Salesforce website.

Followup CRM system #3 Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a great choice for those looking for a seamless contact management option. The system's benefits include using this solution to track customer actions, communicate in chats and over the phone, and entrust the program with routine tasks.

Here, users can set up robots and triggers that will automatically send SMS messages and emails to clients. This allows you to show maximum attention and care to any person. Besides, within the service, a close synergy between managers or other employees can be easily achieved.

Another Bitrix24 benefit is the ability to consolidate all customer actions in one place. For example, even if a person gives different contact information when chatting or ordering a callback, data are still merged into one branch. Also, business owners can download the customer follow-up app for OS Android and iOS to improve their client experience. A 30-day trial, free and professional plans are also provided to new members.

Followup CRM system #4 Pipedrive

Pipedrive will delight those who appreciate a flexible interface and prefer programs with a simple layout of functions. The service pros include the fact that you can forget about routine tasks and free some time for market research. Also, this solution provides automatic configuration of follow-up emails and newsletters.

Another plus of the system is the friendly community. You can interact with professionals in your field with educational videos and webinars. These experts will share insights and help you learn more about finding leads and engaging with your audience.

Unfortunately, Pipedrive does not have a free plan. The company only offers a trial period for newly registered users and paid services. However, for firms of different sizes and with various needs, the site offers four flexible solutions at attractive prices.

Followup CRM system #5 NetSuite by Oracle

The functionality of Oracle's NetSuite is a bit like Salesforce. Especially here, you can create reports and transfer data to various formats in a few clicks. This applies not only to current customer information, as well as many other values.

With the proposed features, it is easy to set up business processes and maintain seamless relationships with all types of clients. The contacts of persons you've interacted with can be saved and used for personalized mailings. This is handy and practical. Furthermore, this tool is perfect for small firms that are just getting to grips with such tools in their work.

So, those were all the best services that you can integrate into your business processes and networking in 2021. I hope you found the right one for yourself and can use it to push the limits of the business. 

I've selected the kind of followup CRM software that fits several issues. If you are interested only in using the networking features of such services, then it's much easier to try special relationship management apps. They are focused more narrowly and are better suited for creating or maintaining networking connections. Download Nection to stay close to your connections and manage your contacts the right way. This app allows you to conveniently set reminders, interact with members of your network in one click, send personalized campaigns, and much more.

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November 24, 2022

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