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o matter how progressive, creative, and differentiated society is, it still makes sense to be concerned with your look for a successful professional career and business. The right outfit can both strengthen and destroy your personal brand. Don't want to get into an awkward situation? Then read our recommendations on what to wear to a networking event.

Recommendations, what to wear for a business event

The first thing you should do before you go to an event is checked its type. This unspoken rule will help you find the perfect outfit to fit the timetable and its atmosphere. 

What to wear to a networking event for men

  • Outfit – if there are no clear instructions about choosing clothes for the guests, you can select a win-win, classic outfit option. The best choice for a man going to a business event will be a two or three-piece suit. 
Linen suits are better left for parties with friends. This material quickly crumples, and you may have an unkempt appearance.
  • Accessories – do not put on many accessories to avoid distracting attention from your personality, professionalism, and business goals. Give preference to belts with a medium-sized buckle and neutral shade of metal pieces. A classic set of accessories for a business event is a belt, a watch, and one other detail. For example, a colored handkerchief, tie brooch, or cufflinks.
  • Shoes – the all-in-one choice for a business event will be the plain or cap toe models. They are still considered timeless classics that are suitable for any occasion. If you want to extend the foot and create a more proportional image visually, you can choose balmorals or half brogues. In hot weather or summer, the penny and horsebit loafers or boat shoes are a great solution.
  • Other tips on what to wear to a networking event – do not try to impress someone only expensive brands and never wear new shoes at events. In the first case, other people will think you're a show-off, and plenty of logos on clothing in some circles is considered mauvais ton. Wear something that you feel comfortable in. 

What to wear to a networking event for women

  • Outfit – ladies have more choice when it comes to their clothes for such occasions. They can wear business or cocktail dresses, pantsuits, jackets, and skirts or combine some items as well. However, it is this variety that confuses many women.
If you want to match the colors of a suit, shirt, and tie, you can view lessons by Tan France or use the color wheel.

If you are comfy in dresses, you can choose a tea dress made of chiffon or silk, adding it with an oversized jacket. The final detail will balance a romantic image and make your outfit more formal, businesslike. For those who feel better in pants, you can also pick two or three-piece suits. 

When you think about what to wear, the main rule is maintaining harmonious proportions. Tight pants should be 1-2 cm above the ankle. Wide palazzo or flared pants, on the contrary, should practically cover the shoes.
  • Accessories – for women, there is also a rule for accessories - no more than three pieces at a time. If you are wearing earrings and a chain, you can choose only one more piece of jewelry. 
  • Shoes – for a networking event, wear something soft, but at the same time, stylish shoes. A win-win variant for any occasion is sandals in beige or black. Also, look good sandals on a 4-5 cm square heel, Chelsea boots, and oxford shoes. These models you can easily combine with different styles.

These were basic style tips to help you feel comfortable and appropriate on any occasion. I hope you no longer have to feel discomfort, empty your bank card, or think long and hard about what to wear to a networking event. With these easy instructions, you can create the perfect image in just a few minutes!

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November 24, 2022

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