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ow do you notice someone in the crowd? Of course, your attention is picked up by someone's appearance. The look can either attract or scare away the potential friend or employer, similarly. Moreover, the wrong outfit can become an obstacle on the job ladder or even destroy an already existing career. That is why it is essential to know what to wear for professional headshots. 

The way you dress passes information about who you are before anything to say or do. It means that your style is one of the most crucial tools in forming the first impression. It, in turn, makes your own brand, which will work for you in the future. In all times, clothes make a man, especially in the first meeting.

What to wear for professional headshots for men

Drawing up a male's look is not so simple like it seems at first glance. To select it right, you should know some basic rules. Let's consider some main tips in men's outfits for full-face photos. It should be reminded, this type of photo requires thorough choice only for clothes to the waist.

  • Color scheme: Pay special attention to the color scheme of your outfit because each tint reflects different conditions, moods, and even ideas for the photo. Before being photographed, prepare clothes in neutral, calm tones. Also, one should avoid flashy tones with ornamental patterns and choose appropriate wear for the photos' backdrop.
  • Outfit: It goes without saying, your clothes must be clean and ironed to show neatness and seriousness of intentions. As for men's look, there are no clear requirements, but a classical shirt or a monochrome T-shirt with a blazer will do best. Remember, if you put on a blazer, it has to fit the lower layer in style. Don't wear clothes in sports or combine them with a suit jacket. You can get on a classic suit, but trousers will not be seen in the frame.
Some interesting facts: Men's Wearhouse Study published the results of nationwide research on how clothes can change a male's life. It turned out, 92% of the surveyed men consider that when a man wears a suit, he makes a good first impression in professional situations, such as job interviews or client meetings.
  • Accessories: What to wear for professional headshots for men of the accessories? Often among males' trappings are found glasses, ties, and jewelry. Persons, who wear glasses every day, should also put on them for the headshots. But keep in mind one thing, eyeglass should not be reflected lens glare. The tie can be the bright accent in your outfit, but try to save simplicity and elegance. If you are an owner of an earring, you should take it off while taking photos. In case of the long hair, your piece of jewelry will not be visible at all. 
  • Comfort: Every man is interested in what to wear for professional headshots to make them comfortable. What is meant by the word «comfort»? Firstly, clothes have to be in size to feel calm and confident on the camera. Secondly, the material of the garb should be skin-friendly because these defects will be seen by the expression on your face. 

I hope, my recommendations will be available and wholesome in preparing for a professional photoshoot. In keeping with them, you always will be one step ahead of your competitor in obtaining desirable results.

What to wear for professional headshots for women

Women's preparation for a photoshoot is more prolonged, and their outfits are more compound. Now, you can look at some basic items on what to wear for professional headshots for females.

  • Color scheme: Women choose their looks more carefully than men. The color scheme of the wear is selected most often on the principle of color combination. Also, there are different systems to decide a necessary color according to the color type of skin and compatibility of wear with the background. Don't pick anything with bright, bewildering ornaments or colors because calm deep colors are encouraged. Don't experiment with combinations of odd tints, if you are unsure about their compatibility. Select only such colors, which suit your skin tone.
Off-topic: The data of British scientists showed that among twenty thousand of the surveyed women, 58% decide what to wear based on their feelings of confidence. 
  • Outfit: Preference should be given to business attire, f.e. a classic white shirt, T-shirt, or blouse with dark-navy blue or deep gray blazer. Pay attention to the style and accessories of the blouse (it has to be without a deep neckline and unnecessary decoration). You can put it on if a dress is more convenient, but it will be seen as a long-sleeve under the blazer. It would be best if you also thought about underwear. Its texture may be visible under the fabrics. So, an unprinted and seamless flesh-colored brassiere or the same singlet is more invisible under the cloth. 
  • Accessories: In selecting accessories, remember that all focus is on your face. So, opt for tiny, classic, and something not ornate or crude in jewelry. Dangling or hoop earrings are not recommended for such shooting, and stud earrings with small gems are better than the firsts. All attention has to be directed to a photographed person but at the accessories. If you have some vision problems and glasses are your daily attribute, you shouldn't take them off. 
By the way, glaring bobby pins framed by additional furnishings are not the best decision for professional shots. If your hair setting needs unique accessories, select something like hairpins. 
  • Comfort: What to wear for professional headshots that to be comfortable and attractive? For women, the beauty of their clothes is almost always equated with ease. So, select clothes in size to be not embarrassed in the photo. Don't ignore the quality of clothes' materials. They should be natural and skin-friendly.
  • Make-up: It has to be approximating to the natural. Don't forget about your aim – collaboration with clients or placing in a job. Evening make-up is out of the question. 

Taking the right headshot increases your chances of making acquaintances with successful persons quickly. Follow my recommendations on what to wear for professional headshots to allow yourself to get a desirable job and improve your quality of life.

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November 24, 2022

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