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ith the growth of the internet, people gained access to an unlimited reservoir of information. This has stimulated the development of all kinds of educational platforms, new trends and launched the networking's popularity. Today I want to share with you 5 great channels to help boost your communication skills and give ideas for interacting with others. Below you'll find not only a networking podcast to build your social circle, but you can also find other useful information for self-improving.

Networking podcast #1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

The title may seem unrelated to the topic of this article. I thought so, too, until I listened to a few episodes of the 3rd season. So many famous people share their successes and failures at work during the show, but they also talk about communication with coworkers, bosses, and various other folks.

Adam Grant is a well-known scientist and psychologist from the United States. He is under 40 years old; however, he has achieved incredible progress in his career, has done a lot of research, and has written several books. Grant, in 2009 became the youngest constant contract professor in his country's history and has been published in numerous scientific journals.

And yet, he has a «dark past» in his biography. As a student, while most went to work as part-time waiters, he showed tricks and illusions to folks. Adam Grant still demonstrates his magic, only in audio format. That's probably why now his shows are so interesting, funny, and wholesome. Personally, my favorite show is the one with Lizet Ocampo. Her story about the potato filter during a meeting is the perfect icebreaker for introducing new people.

Networking podcast #2. Vanessa Van Edwards & Science of People

Vanessa Van Edwards is a role model for many people among coaches who talk about proper offline and online communication secrets. She has written a bestseller, founded her own company, and is a successful speaker at various events. What's special about Vanessa's approach to solving many problems is that she speaks the same language as her audience. This young woman also positions herself as an awkward person who recovers with you.

Unfortunately, Vanessa doesn't have her podcast channel. But she does have a cool blog where she shares different tricks, gives templates for correspondence, and shares other tips and know-how. Van Edwards also has a great YouTube channel with tons of insightful advice for professionals in various fields. So if you need to make frequent public performances or have an important presentation coming up, make sure you watch this video.

Special tip: If you don't know how to start communicating online or at an event, then be sure to read our article with scripts and templates for conversations. There are templates for messages and dialogs that really work and will help you establish communication in any situation. They're sure to complement the effect of the podcasts I've suggested today.

Networking podcast #3. The Tim Ferris Show

If you like inspirational personalities with strong charisma who can teach you many things at once, then Tim Ferris will be your favorite. Tim has published several impressive and inspiring books and has had a major impact on culture and business in particular. His podcast not only teaches you how to make useful contacts to advance your career. 

In his podcasts, you'll learn a lot about self-organization, sports and meet many people in business, scientists, and experts who impact this world. At the same time, you learn how to interact with your environment, follow some soft-skills tricks, and have fun while having friendly conversations on YouTube

This show teaches you to be relaxed and to build a network of contacts in-depth, not wide. His old video is still being advised on forums, social media, and in person. Why? It contains fundamental things that are essential for introverts and extroverts to know.

Networking podcast #4. Art of Charm

These podcasts are presented by AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak. The beauty of their show is that they don't just teach you how to pump up your charisma but also share their personal secrets and tricks. So if you like the image of a bit brutal, self-confident men, then be sure to check out this blog!

Despite the format, the podcast is also interesting for ladies. It presents information in an exceptional way, and you can actually implement it in your life. Even though I'm not going to join the Navy SEAL squad, I'm attentive to hearing how they motivate themselves. Along with the podcasts, the Art of Charm project also has its YouTube channel

Helpful tip: It's important to do more than listen to shows about networking and memorize patterns for talking to other people at events to build your skills. Handy and multipurpose advice is to know a bit about everything. For example, at a new job, my knowledge of tea helped me connect with a coworker. I just shared my thoughts about the matcha drink and suggested a tea bar page on Instagram, which I really like. It was enough to create a networking bound.

Networking podcast #5. Michael Hyatt & CO

Last but not least is a podcast site made by Michael Hyatt. A show called Lead to Win regularly airs on the site and teaches people how to achieve and maintain success. From Michael's episodes, you will learn about organizing your day and setting goals, building habits, hobbies, and more. Besides communication skills, you get much better in general with each new program.

If you want to do more than improve your social communication or build a network of contacts, then this is the perfect show. As a rule, the shows are not too long. You don't take them as a learning experience at all and listen with enjoyment. This podcast combines practical tips and, at the same time, expands your horizons. With this new knowledge, you will definitely feel comfortable in any situation and make acquaintances with many people.

That's all! I hope you will also find the suggested networking podcast channels valuable and learn a lot from them. I have shared with you those blogs that I enjoy myself or have heard about them from my circle of friends. Believe me, no one is born with the perfect skills to make productive and pleasant acquaintances. The good news is that everything can be learned, including the art of networking.

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November 24, 2022

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