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here won't be a long introduction today because I want to share the best podcasts with you as quickly as possible. Each networking podcast from the list below is excellent for entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone else who wants to strengthen their communication skills. Make sure you don't miss any of this top 5!

Next Question with Katie Couric

I may be thinking of stereotypes, but to succeed in building a business or career, a person must be equally intelligent, friendly, and funny. These days, people are more inclined to trust those who have a sharp tongue, understand good jokes, and quickly turn to essential subjects.

If you want to achieve the harmony described above, a networking podcast by TV host and journalist Katie Couric will be the best choice. To begin with, she is the first woman to broadcast a major evening newscast in the U.S. single-handedly. Next, she has great charisma and an aura that charms you, even through audio. Katie knows how to entertain the audience without losing her professionalism and keeping the interest of the show's guests. 

Also, Couric's podcasts are full of real-life histories. You never know when and in what situation you might need a good funny story. These kinds of storytelling build a connection if told at the right time, in the right case, and to the right person. And you can learn this trick here!

The fourth season of Next Question with Katie Couric focuses on what's happening to us now – a world in time COVID-19. The host invites various guests to the show with whom she discusses this topic and helps listeners understand how to navigate the new realities.

Get-It-Done Guy with Stever Robbins

Oh, and this blog will please those who want to become more successful and efficient. Stever Robbins in 2010 released a best-selling book called Get-It-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. The publication became a success worldwide, making millions in sales and forming a new way of thinking about work processes, perfectionism, and workaholism.

In his show, Stever touches more than just business, proper prioritization, and personal growth. His program is full of helpful information about social media addiction, environmental issues, how-to rules for camping, and more. Robbins' show is also worth trusting because he is among the creators of one of the business curricula at Harvard Business School.

One of the guests of Get-It-Done Guy was Michael Hyatt, whose show we talked about in this article about charisma boosting.

I like scientific or near-scientific podcasts with tips on how to improve memory. In the 21st century, we get tons of information: news, messengers, YouTube videos, and rumors. In such a flow of all kinds of data, it is difficult to retain in the brain the details that will help in studies or work. It will be helpful for a businessperson to listen to a networking podcast like Supercharge Your Memory from time to time, so they never forget anything.

The Official BNI Podcast with Dr. Ivan Misner

You might think that this show is focused only on generating referrals and revenue. However, the focus in this program is not that narrow. Things are often discussed here related to worldview, improving social skills, and leadership.

I enjoyed the episode titled Choose the Lens You See the World Through very much. It is up to you, not the circumstances or people around, that determine happiness and success.  If you choose the right lens, the world around you gets colored and gives you opportunities to blossom. And if you choose the wrong glass lens to look at business and life in general, there will only be darkness and failure everywhere.

It is skyrocketing advice that is not often found in podcasts for business networking. We are all told to be leaders, learn and be cooler than others, have a positive attitude, etc. But only a few people accentuate that our attitude to the situation or problem is already 90% of the result. When you have a negative mindset and expect a catch, nine times out of 10, a collapse happens. The good thing is that the same works for the opposite!

Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak

The most inspiring mentors are those who themselves have traveled the difficult path from Zero to Hero. Dave Stachowiak went from failure in sales to a doctoral degree in leadership. And his journey is fascinating not only in the result but in the way he followed and how he analyzed his previous fails.

Such business networking podcasts will be of interest to those who plan to manage a team and guide it to success. The practical tips collected in the podcasts since 2011 will allow you to see the leadership journey better. Even if you feel like you don't have enough of the right talents or qualities, that is not the case. Everyone has strong sides that will help you become the perfect leader for your staff.

What you will learn from this business networking podcast:

  1. Leaders aren't born. They're made.
  2. Think about the things you used to do wrong.
  3. Get relevant and up-to-date information that is applicable at all times.
  4. Find leadership guides for better performance every step of the way.
  5. Read a collection of books from Dave Stachowiak that he recommends.
Although all materials are free, you must first activate your membership. Only then you'll have access to the materials on the website.

Modern Mentor: Quick and Dirty Tips

This series of podcasts for social networking will be useful not only for business owners, but also for those who want to improve their workplace environment. Rachel Cooke helps listeners of her show to improve real-life communication skills and create a positive atmosphere for a happy life.

Together with Modern Mentor, you will understand how you can balance all areas of your life and get rid of frustration. Along with socializing in the work sphere, you will learn how to manage your time between different tasks and use your energy wisely. 

It is worth noting the episodes, which talk about the creativity booster and the workflow. For example, a show like 6 Ways My Daily Walk Drives My Success, or It's Time for a Spring Cleaning of Your Mind might help you. 

That's it for me. Enhance yourself, stay inspired, and look at the world through a good lens! I hope you find the RIGHT business networking podcast here that will raise your proficiency by a factor of 2 or 3.

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November 24, 2022

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