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e get accustomed to using messengers for transferring one or a few contacts because it is obtainable and fast. I hope you remember that such a procedure requires a web connection, which is not always available everywhere. Thus, smartphones' built-in capabilities come to the rescue in such a case. Today I will tell you how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth and its peculiarities on different OS (operating systems).

Method #1. For the operating system iOS 

Many people are interested in the question of how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth. But there is a trouble that lies in a new iOS update. This instruction was relevant to 11 iOS, which was released in 2017. Therefore, my pieces of advice will be appropriate to iPhone users, whose phones' updating hasn't changed since that year. If you apply an even older version than the one mentioned, you also can use it.

If you have the 11 iOS, you are lucky enough and should make the following:

Action 1. To start, unlock your iPhone and move on to the set-ups. Ensure that two iPhones are at a distance of no more than 10-20 m. 

Action 2. After that, find the feature «Bluetooth» and press it. Switch it on both devices by moving on the slider to the right. Your phone has to find another one to continue a pairing procedure. One should choose the aiming iPhone out of the offered list.

Action 3. Now, get to the contacts and opt for those you wish to transfer (one can tick one or more of them).

Action 4. After the previous stage, select the option «Share» on the upper-right edge to know how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth. Next, pick the aiming gadget in the appeared dialogue box.

Action 5. To end this operation, you should accept the inputs on the aiming iPhone.

Although such a procedure is unobtainable to most currently used iPhones, maybe precisely you will need it. I believe my hints ought to ease someone's efforts.

Method #2. For iOS with the help of Airdrop

What about those who already know how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth but have updated iPhones to newer iOS versions? There is another way out of this issue identical to using Bluetooth, but without it, applying Airdrop.

Below, one can learn these elementary steps:

Action 1. Unlock the iPhone and go to the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. If you have iPhone X and a later series, you should swipe down from the right upper corner for doing the same operation.

Action 2. Press and hold the control field to open it for viewing all functions. Now, find the Airdrop icon and click on it to, its image will be blue. In the appeared context menu, select the option «Everyone».

Off-topic: Airdrop is the property for only iOS users that help pass files to another gadget wirelessly. However, one essential disadvantage in using it is that Airdrop permits transferring of only a single contact at once. So, as you can guess, moving the telephone numbers will be tedious work enough. In this case, the question of how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth is nonsensical here.

Action 3. At this stage, open your contact list and select the telephone number you wish to transfer to the aiming iPhone. After it, tap a necessary name, and in the contact card, choose the inscription «Share Contact».

Action 4. In the new dialogue box, your iPhone offers the various contacts (most commonly used), whom you can send the telephone number. Also, under this list, you will see in the first place Airdrop. Pick this feature to move on to the last stage.

Action 5. If the aiming device is switched on Airdrop too, your iPhone has to find it and display its name on the screen. Tap a necessary name and start a transferring procedure. Don't forget to accept the query on the aiming iPhone and check the contact(s) you have sent. In the case of your unwillingness, press the button «Decline».

Although I haven't explained how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth, this acting algorithm is more effortless and popular for iPhone users.

Method #3. For The Android operating system

The Bluetooth function is not only on iOS, but the Android operating system also has it. Therefore, we have to figure out how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth on Android. I will use Samsung S21 Ultra. 

If you are an owner of a smartphone on such OS, pay attention to the following pieces of advice:

Action 1. To begin with, unlock your phone and lower the status bar. Here, find the Bluetooth icon and activate it by clicking on it. Remember, the Bluetooth has to be activated on both devices.

Action 2. Therefore, go to the phone's board, including seeking the contacts' app. Press it to continue the procedure.

Action 3. The appeared window is your contacts' list. To transfer info by Bluetooth, one should press the three-dotted symbol and then opt for «Share contacts» in a new pop-up window.

Action 4. Thereby, you can pick all numbers by ticking a little circle with a corresponding inscription or select necessary contacts by tapping them separately.

Tip: Also, you can find pieces of advice concerning applying a wide range of applications, which forward to transferring telephone numbers safer. Nevertheless, I'm a big supporter of using the smartphones' built-in options. Firstly, you will be introduced to your phone's entire opportunities. Secondly, one won't waste too much time downloading and installing apps (if the net connection is available).

Action 5. A taskbar of various features has to appear on the screen bottom has to appear, where you opt for the item «Share». Click on it to learn how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth unaided. The pop-up window lets you send a file or a text, where you will decide the item «File» (if you send one telephone number).

Action 6. Now, your phone demands the app's choice for doing the following. As you remember, the Bluetooth has to be picked.

Action 7. Thus, you are closing to the last stage. After you click on the Bluetooth icon, your phone begins to search for the aiming gadget. Tap the aiming phone's name when it finds it and wait for a hookup.

Action 8. The last stage lies in obtaining contacts. For it, the aiming smartphone has to accept your phone's offer by clicking on the button with the corresponding inscription. When another phone receives a transferring contact, one gets the notification that it is delivered to yours.

I must admit, a procedure of contacts' transferring is crucial, although not effortless, neither on iOS nor on Android. There are pros and cons for each operating system. On iOS, this operation is laborious because of the updating difference. Meanwhile, the acting algorithm of how to transfer contacts from one phone to another using Bluetooth on the Android is a multi-stage operation. But I hope all difficulties are solved, and my directions are their proofs.

Despite all my advice, do you find it a super tricky task? Then you can store your contacts in a personal CRM. Download Nection, the most secure personal system for business relationships. With its help, you can synchronize contacts from several channels and, at the same time, properly organize their management.

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November 24, 2022
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