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ollowup personal CRM is a great implement that allows you to run contacts. With the help of such a system, you will not forget about the people who are in your near, middle, and far circle of acquaintances. Such CRMs are similar in functionality to the ones used for business networking. However, unlike customers' software packages, you can use them to maintain more proper or deepen relationships besides working ones.

If you are looking for a tool that will send a reminder to email or text a client, read my article about CRMs for the business and networking. There I share 5 great free and paid programs for everyday use. For those in skillful networking, this material should be a must-read. 

Solution #1 Streak for Gmail

Streak is a tool that integrates perfectly into a browser and Gmail. With it, the person can turn his or her mailbox into a full-featured instrument, which will help to manage all accounts, provides the possibility of mail merge and tracking. 

The developers provide free and commercial versions of this software. If you are an individual who is not planning to use Streak for business, enjoy the unpaid edition. It has no trial, and people can keep using the tool as long as they want. In the future, if someone wants to expand the features list, this person can purchase one of the possible packages. 

Subscription to the add-on works on two principles – monthly or annual payment. The more expensive the subscription plan, the more options can turn the system into a valuable Customer Relationship Management structure. The cost of the packages you can find on the software's website.

Streak will suit those who do not want to register with additional services and plan to manage contacts. Also, this online implement has simple and clear functionality. 

Notice: in some cases, synchronization does not work well. On such occasions, users will have to link the tool to an email account in Gmail again.

Solution #2 FollowUp Personal CRM

This product would be interesting to users for several reasons. First, you can work just with the email-based software, making it as easy as possible to interact with different categories of contacts. Second, you can buy a subscription and interact with the firm administration application. And third, this solution offers the simplest possible interface, doesn't require you to process a lot of information, and sends reminders directly to Gmail.

One of the best features of this product is setting up a special type of notifications. Thanks to them, you get regular reminders if you haven't written or called a certain person for a long time. That way, you won't lose contact with a specific human being, and you can become a networking pro!

Unlike the add-on from the list above, there are no free plans. The developer company only allows you to use the system after a paid subscription. Before you make a purchase, however, you can first test the options of the service with a trial. 

Remember that customers have to pay for the system for one year. People can see the cost of services and choose a subscription rate on the Pricing page.

Solution #3 Covve – a relationship management tool

Covve is suitable for users who prefer to work with mobile applications and are not enthusiastic about desktop devices. Those who interact with smartphones more often can download the app to phones running Android and iOS operating systems.

Although it's not a classic followup personal CRM, rather a relationship management tool, it's still a great fit for many people. The main advantage of the app is that immediately after downloading, it synchronizes contacts from different systems. That action lets you sort the accounts and choose how often to interact with certain individuals.

How it works:

  • on the Covve home page, you need to put an X or ✔ for each person;
  • if you skip an account, it will no longer appear in the suggested ones;
  • when you tick a box, you'll be offered several options to interact with a certain person. The application provides a total of 6 features for how you can stay in touch: quarterly, custom, monthly, weekly, yearly, or twice a year;
  • you've to choose one of the options to send a gentle reminder in a defined period to write or call the contact.
Do not forget that you can use the software without paying for it or with a paid subscription. Yes, some functions are not available in the free version. For example, weekly or custom reminders for contacts. Still, it's not crucial.

Solution #4 Cloze – a CRM and AI Assistant

Cloze is the perfect networking ecosystem for those who have to manage multiple accounts and communicate a lot. Here you can combine personal and work accounts, sort emails, and set reminders. The service collects information about all connections in services and afterward, bringing them together in one place. Also, the smart app can sort different accounts by importance. This segmentation allows you to keep in touch with more relevant people as often as possible.

Moreover, this software can easily be used as a followup personal CRM. For this purpose, instead of business and professional contacts, you should track the data of your friends, relatives, classmates, etc. You don't have to worry that automatic data collection will make your confidential information accessible to third parties. Cloze is a completely secure tool for private or professional use.

Right now, users can take the 14-day trial and then choose from four possible plans. If you need good software for networking management only, then the Pro plan is the best option. Users can create templates and merge emails, use reminders to reply to someone, etc.  A more pricey subscription is necessary for those who want to enter data, control sales, and business processes.

Solution #5 Garden: Stay in touch (iOS only)

I left one last app called Garden. If to be honest, only Apple smartphone owners can use it, but that is not a reason to exclude it from this rating. Such a simple system performs one easy and significant task for networking – it creates reminders to keep in-depth relationships with friends. 

In the settings, the user only needs to set the necessary parameters to receive the reminders he or she needs. Even when you are too busy with studies or work focused on family things, this personal CRM app will not let you lose contact with your loved ones. Thanks to Garden, you won't lose track of important dates for your acquaintances and can take an interest in their lives. 

Such phone implement  will prevent networking connections from ruining and help better manage various accounts. The benefits of Garden include a nice interface, the ability to make notes about contacts, and it's totally free.

These were my top five of the best followup personal CRM systems that you can use on desktop and mobile devices. Each option has its pros and cons, so choose the one that suits you most. I tried to choose tools with user-friendly settings and an easy-to-use interface, so even beginners won't get confused.

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November 24, 2021

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