Smart Contact Management App

Stop chaos in your contacts.
A single place for communication, storing and organizing all relationships.

Finally, all your contacts are in one place

Keep contacts from different channels in a single database

Import contacts

From your Contact Book, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Outlook.

See contacts on the map

Depending on their location.

Reminders to stay in touch

Don't let your contacts forget you

Choose the communication frequency

Set weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or exact time reminders to stay in touch.

Contact with a single click

Find a person's communication channel in one click.

Keep your relations warm

Interact and trace it to history

Timeline about the contact

Interaction history, contact updates, your notes for a particular person.

Connect with more contacts

Write a personalized email or message to several of your contacts at once.

One-click interaction

Be in touch with a person in their communication channel just in one click.

Make personalized campaigns

Send personalized messages to a group of people in an individual's channel in a few clicks and automatically track these actions inhistory.

Don't forget birthdays and other significant dates

Build deeper relations with the right message at the right time.

Icebreaker – be prepared for interactions

Get up-to-date on what's affecting your contacts.

Weather forecast

Use the latest weather changes from your contact's place to start the conversation

News roundup

Your contact's Twitter post and news in which they are mentioned

History of recent interactions

Notes on how you communicated and what you talked about

What users say about Nection

"I'm not a fan of technologies and apps. But this one made me completely change my mind a be a FAN of smart solutions. It's a massive time-saver for my team and me. We are skyrocketing our possibilities a lot and could track all connects in few clicks."

Eathan Nunez
Business owner

"Glad to be one of the first users! Nection gives me the opportunity to be a networking pro and use many options for free. It's a rare thing."

Zachary Talley

“WOW! I'm really impressed with many options like contact history tracking, campaigns, news and weather tracking functions. It helps me a lot to start a new conversation with newbies in my contacts.”

Evalyn O'Brien
Head of Sales

“This app has literally changed my life and has helped me build relationships with my business partners. My workload made it impossible for me to send messages to all the right people in different channels. Now I can do it in a couple of minutes.”

Christian Allen
COO at IT company

“I never thought that a personal CRM would be better than a notebook and a secretary. Now I keep all my contacts in one place and don't forget to keep close ties.”

Michael Ratcliffe
Co-owner of startup

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